Bertha the Nurhachius is a female pterosaur and the first sister of the bear trio.

Physical traitsEdit

Like all pterosaurs Bertha has wings and can fly, plus a beak full of fangs. She also has webbed feet and is a good swimmer.

She is also a professional fighter, able to rival Ice Bear with ease.


Bertha is compassionate, brave and sometimes temperamental. She can't stand to see the loss of a loved-one (she herself lost her entire family back in the cretaceous).

Due to spending much of her childhood in savage prehistoric times, she is also tough and prone to violence.



She treats Grizz just like Panda and Ice do: a big brother, though she sometimes finds him annoying, childish and reckless, but they both understand what the other had gone through very well.


Her absolute favorite, but she does get jealous whenever Panda flirts with other girls, including Lucy, as Bertha herself has a crush on him.

Ice BearEdit

They get along well, though she sometimes has trouble understanding him. She shares his enthusiasm for battle and exercise.


While she does know that Charlie is a good person, she like the bears does get annoyed by him.


She likes Chloe very much, sometimes even offering free rides for the human. While Bertha finds humans as the strangest organisms ever (in more ways than one), they both get along well.


She actually hates him to death (even more than Ice Bear), whenever they meet she either wants nothing to do with him or yearns to beat him up. Nom-Nom actually thinks she's scarier than Ice Bear too.


  • Nurhachius belongs to the group Istiodactylidae, which is in the Ornithocheiroid taxon.
    • They are also believed to know how to swim, (some amphibious pterosaurs were even found with webbed-feet, such as the related Pteranodon), and Bertha is no exception.
      • Ironically istiodactylids like Nurhachius bear physiologies suited to a terrestrial life and many of their fossils have been found in freshwater-deposits.
  • Nurhachius lived during the Barremian-Aptian Lower Cretaceous Jiufotang Formation of Chaoyang, Liaoning, China.
    • Due to this Bertha knew absolutely nothing of what's in the present-time at first.
    • Coincidentally pandas are also found in China, but only in the Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. Despite this it is one of the reasons Bertha likes Panda a lot.
  • The genus was named in 2005 by Wang Xiaolin, Alexander Kellner, Zhou Zhonge and Diogenes de Almeida Campos.
  • Nurhachius is sometimes considered to be Liaoxipterus, which is from the same place and time, but they tend to differ.
  • The full name of Nurhachius is Nurhachius ignaciobritoi.
  • Istiodactylids like Nurhachius are considered to be pterosaurian equivalents to vultures: acting as the clean-up crew in their native locations.
    • Bertha herself sometimes scavenges, but also likes fresh meat.