• CNReactionGuy18

    Why is this dead?

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  • DabByTheOcean

    (It starts off in Grizzly room it's morning he wakes up)

    Grizzly: Good Morning! I must be the first one up wait 10:00 on a Saturday?

    Grizzly: Hmmm

    (He goes into the halls to see its a mess)

    (He sees Ice Bear)

    Grizzly: Hey bro what's going on?

    (Ice Bear Looks sick and chases after Grizzly)

    (Grizzly sees Panda)

    Grizzly: Panda I think something wrong with.....

    (Panda comes out looking sick he runs into Ice bear and they chase after Grizzly he rushed to his room to hide he sees Chloe,Nom Nom,Ranger Tapes)

    Chloe: He looks ok but we better check him

    (Tapes checks his temperature)

    Ranger Tapes: He good let him go

    Grizzly: What's going on?

    Chloe: This Morning the cave been infected with the flu

    Ranger Tapes: It all started in Panda's room

    (It shows a flashback of…

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  • WillTheArthurandBusterFan5050

    This is my very first fan art of We Bare Bears, with Grizz on the left, Ice Bear, my most favorite of the bears, in the middle, and Panda a.k.a. Pan-Pan on the right.

    My second drawing of the bears. These are copied from promo images, except I modified their eyes, making them white but I made their eyes smaller than they're seen on TV, I didn't want them looking suprised or astonished, I went with the Curious George kind of way, or as done on Arthur and on The Weekenders.

    This is pretty much the same picture as the previous one but I moved Grizz and Ice Bear more toward the right and put Pan Pan on the left, this picture looks to make more sense than the one before it because then it looks like Grizz and Ice Bear are watching Pan Pan.

    This dr…

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  • TheBearBoy

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeelooooooooooooooooo, fanon!

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  • CanYouFeelTheLoveTonight


    January 16, 2016 by CanYouFeelTheLoveTonight

    Is this Wikia still active? Its seems pretty dead

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  • Alpha Ranger

    My new We Bare Bears fanon series will just be called We Bare Bears.

    Season Episodes Originally aired
    First aired Last aired
    1 TBD March 2016 TBD



    Original airdate



    March 2016

    Chloe's Presentation

    3 The Albertsons 2016
    4 Track and Field 2016
    5 Charlie's Retribution 2016
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  • Perlen297

    It's been a while...

    November 16, 2015 by Perlen297

    It's been a while since I visited this wiki... cuz I thought this place is dead.

    But I was a lil' bit wrong, this place is actually nearly becoming active~

    Maybe I should stay active here from now on? (being a buro tho...)

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  • IceBear4Life


    November 15, 2015 by IceBear4Life

    1: Am i able to make a character through permission, or does it require being staff?

    2: Is there a way i can add stories?

    3: no question 3?

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  • TrashOfThePast


    October 18, 2015 by TrashOfThePast

    Is this place still active?

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  • Top-gem

    My Cracker is Knackered

    August 31, 2015 by Top-gem

    You Knackered my Cracker

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  • Randomphoenix03


    August 30, 2015 by Randomphoenix03
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  • Teacup Terry

    So it exists

    August 28, 2015 by Teacup Terry

    Well done, wikia. It finally exists. I am going to make a page, if it doesn't bother anyone.

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  • Top-gem


    August 19, 2015 by Top-gem

    This is probably where I'll be putting updates and excerpts for new stories for Nevertheless since Fanon Episode pages aren't logs.


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  • Perlen297

    This Wiki is SO DEAD

    August 6, 2015 by Perlen297


    It feels like you're the only one here.... ALONE TOGETHER

    We need to do something to help this wiki!!

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  • Vérité et Masques

    Look at me, founder of a serious(ish) wiki for once. Thanks all of y'all that came by to help. Have fun!

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  • Randomphoenix03

    This was a dumb idea.

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  • Randomphoenix03


    July 23, 2015 by Randomphoenix03


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