This page includes the appearances that the character, Grizzly Bear made on material that fans have created.

Fan Appearances Edit

We Want Bears Edit

Randomphoenix03's Fanon WBB Adventures (by Randomphoenix03) Edit

The Tale of True Swagness Edit

He gets killed by MLG Bear.

Nevertheless (by Top-gem) Edit

I Have Time Edit

He is a cub living with his Mother.

Fire and Ice Edit

Grizzly initiates the moment of remembrance while he and his brothers are out on a camping trip.

Sick (by Cat5) Edit

Grizzly tries to cure Ice Bear and is also begging Panda to throw away his Cat.

The Cubs (by Cat5) Edit

Takes care of the three cubs, along with his brothers. 

Nom Nom's Story (by Cat5) Edit

After watching Nom Nom on TV explaining how he became internet famous, Grizzly starts to become viral too, and becomes famous.

Zoo Break (by Cat5) Edit

Grizzly and his brothers go to the zoo, but mistakenly goes into a bear cage, and tries to escape along with the help of a Sloth Bear.

Fridge (by Cat5) Edit

He helps Ice Bear find a place to sleep.

Bears Rule! Fandom (by PPG&MLP-Rule!) Edit

The Three Bare Bears Adventures (by GeneBernardinoLawl) Edit

Kyle's Return Edit

Grizz and his brothers has teamed up with Marcus Afloso (Angry Filipino Kid)