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I Have Time Story

I Have Time is Book 1 of Volume 1 of the We Bare Bears Fanon Series, "Nevertheless".

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Grizzly and his Mother like to spend their time by a lake.

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"Is the lake always this still?"
"No, no. Many days it’s constantly rippling from the various commotions that happen around us. This day, however, is a rather peaceful one."
"You can even see your reflection in it!"
"A benefit of a quiet forest, my dear."
He, a young cub, was making many faces as he stared into the near perfect reflective surface of the water. He made several expressions, from funny to everyday ones. He chuckled when he was finished, having entertained himself for a few moments. The cub had never seen such a perfect reflection of himself before.
He sat back down on the grass, marveling at the lake. Today was a perfect day for him and his Mother to hang out near this fantastic body of water. Usually he would get to swim in it and have fun, but today, his Mother wished him not to. It’d been so long since she’d seen a sight so peaceful. In fact, when the cub looked up into her eyes, he could see she was spacing out. She was so content and relaxed she was starting to slump over to the side. He noticed this and, in retaliation, ran to her other side and lifted her up with his head. She came out of her trance, looking down at her son. She gave off a smile, giving him a little lick on the top of his head.

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  • The plot and the name of this episode are both based off the song "I Have Time", a canon song in We Bare Bears. It was sung by Dia Frampton.

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