Lifeguard Bears is a fan made episode created by a guy contributing to the wiki. ;)

Synopsis Edit

Grizzly and Ice Bear become lifeguards.

Script Edit

  • (The episode begins at the beach with Grizzly and Ice Bear dressed as lifeguards with a British male shoulder lengthed haired lifeguard named Charles, who is using binoculars overlooking the ocean while Ice Bear is building an intricate sand castle and Grizzly is squatting still, looking at the sea.)
  • Charles: Someone's fallen off the rocks again! (He turns to Ice Bear) Grab that jet ski mate, and go and get him alright?
  • (Ice Bear looks at the shiny red jet ski, while Grizzly looks at the same jet ski.)
  • Ice Bear: Ice Bear will rescue him immediately. (He looks at Grizzly) Later, bro.
  • (Ice Bear is about rush up to the jet ski, until a jealous Grizzly stands up and talks to Charles. Ice Bear stops running and looks at them both.)
  • Grizzly: Dude, what the heck man! He got to use the jet ski last time!
  • (Ice Bear walks up to Grizzly.)
  • Ice Bear: Ice Bear gets to use it now.
  • Charles: Mate who cares, you can use the...the surf paddle later.
  • (He points to the surf paddle, which is dented and covered in cobwebs. Grizzly gets angry.)
  • Grizzly: Nooooooooooo! (Charles covered his ears) I don't want the surf paddle! I want the jet ski! Why does Ice Bear get to use it?!
  • Ice Bear: (Points to Charles) Cause he f..kin said so, that's why I get to f..kin use it!
  • (Charles looks at Ice Bear.)