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Nom Nom's Story is a fanon episode.


Grizzly and Panda are invited into Nom Nom's newest video that talks about bears. Ice Bear is jealous so he publishes videos until he gets internet famous.


Grizzly and Panda is having some food for breakfast while Ice Bear is making waffles. Panda is on his phone currently checking his accounts and apps. He then sees a new Nom Nom video. He saw the big amount of likes. Panda grunts and shows Grizzly, who is willing to see. Ice Bear ignores the video while putting batter into the waffle maker. Suddenly, the bears here a knock on the door. Nom Nom is at the front door holding a phone. Nom Nom convinces the bears (but Ice Bear) to be in one of his newest videos he's doing that typically talks about bears. Grizzly and Panda get excited, but Ice Bear gets jealous and goes into his fridge and slams the door. Panda and Grizzly are in the car with Nom Nom. Nom Nom takes a purple phone from the bucket and goes onto his "Everyones Tube" account. He shows them several videos to the brother bears. Grizzly and Panda enjoy the videos he has shown, and tells Nom Nom how he does it. Nom Nom doesn't explain since they went to Nom Nom's house. Meanwhile Ice Bear comes out of the fridge and walks pass Grizzly's room. He backs up to seeing a camera in on Grizzly's bed. Ice Bear holds it, and starts recording himself. He takes videos and uploads it to "Everyones Tube". Meanwhile Grizzly and Panda take their first shot out in the "Outback". Panda is asked to jump down from a small cardboard cliff. Panda gets concerned when he says that his phone may get broke from his "pocket". Nom Nom says to keep it on the ground while acting. Panda sighs and goes to put his phone away. Grizzly is asked to help catch Panda. Grizzly was not surprised at all. Panda has Ligma.

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Nom Nom

Grizzly Bear

Panda Bear

Ice Bear