The San Francisco Zoo is a 100-acre (40 ha) zoo located in the southwestern corner of San Francisco, California, between Lake Merced and the Pacific Ocean along the Great Highway. The zoo's main entrance, once located on the north side across Sloat Boulevard and one block south of the Muni Metro L Taraval line, is now to the west on the ocean side of the zoo off of the Great Highway.

Appearances in fanfictionEdit


  • In real life, the zoo does have bears, but unlike the fic it doesn't have any sloth bears, instead it has Spectacled bears, Kodiak bears and its own grizzly and polar bears.
  • The zoo has also suffered a tiger break-out in December 25, 2007. A Siberian tiger known as Tatiana escaped from her enclosure after being taunted and pummeled by sticks and pine cones by the visitors. She injured three people, killing one of them. She was later killed by police officers.