The TIE Experimental M4, also known as the TIE Bomb, was a guided missile based on TIE Series technology and a part of the TIE Experimental Project.


A modified starfighter built by an Imperial research project led by Director Lenzer under the command of Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin, the M4 was designed as a cruise missile for destroying capital ships and space stations. With wing panels taken directly from the TIE/sa bomber and a similar central pod and wing struts, the TIE M4 was loaded with enough explosives to detonate with five times the explosive force of a kamikaze TIE/LN starfighter.

With an oversized booster employed in addition to the standard Twin Ion Engines, the TIE Experimental M4 had greater linear acceleration than a TIE/D Defender and as much maneuverability as a standard TIE Fighter. As a guided missile, the TIE M4 had no defensive weaponry. Like the other TIE Experimentals, the M4 was remotely controlled by a modified Beta-class ETR-3 escort transport.

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