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There Will Be Blood
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date  ???
Written by Heroic Gaming
Directed by Hideo Kojima
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Life of the Lairds TO BE ADDED.
There Will Be Blood is the second episode of season 1 of Sunlight Bullets and the third episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

A game of paintball becomes a quest of personal vendetta as Iain encounters his arch-nemesis.

Plot Edit

NOTE: Episode will be told via transcript.

  • (MUSIC: Iain's Truck. The episode begins with Iain driving his truck through the forest area of San Francisco. Joseph, who is wearing full-proof military grade clothing, is in seat next to him listening to the radio.)
  • (Cut to the paintball field where people are walking through the entryway. Iain and Joseph follow.)
  • (SEATING AREA: People are putting on paintball masks and overalls, Iain is putting his gloves on while reading the rule board.)
  • Iain: Ok, rule number #1: don't eat the paint balls.
  • (Camera shot of Joseph pulling his paintball mask (with a skull motif) down, covering his face.)
  • Iain: Number #2, this is just a game.
  • (Camera shot of Joseph strapping a knife into his boot.)
  • Iain: If you take it too seriously, you're only going to be hurting yourself.
  • (Camera shot of Joseph strapping a bullet holster filled with paintball canisters onto his shoulders.)
  • Iain: It's not war...
  • (Camera shot of Joseph taking two paintball markers and strapping them into a holster on his back.)
  • Iain: It's just an exercise in teamwork...
  • (Camera shot of Joseph smearing red face paint onto his mask.)
  • Iain:...and tactics.
  • (Camera shot of Joseph cracking his neck.)
  • Iain: If you go too far...
  • (Camera shot of Joseph aiming a paintball marker at the camera.)
  • will get banned.
  • (Joseph stabs the knife onto the table, surprising Iain. He cocks back the bolt of his loaded marker as it were a hunting rifle.)
  • Joseph: Groovy.
  • Iain: Motherf...
  • (His words are cut off as we cut to Joseph punching a tree, spraying bark into his covered face. People look at him in fear as Iain aims his marker around the field. He stops when his scope is aimed towards his arch-enemy, an accountant named Allen Cooke.)
  • Allen: Yes, this is Allen Cooke speaking. How you doing?
  • (The line "Allen Cooke speaking" is echoed in Iain's head. What immediately follows is a flashback scene where Iain is helping Allen with his computer, presumably with some hardware. The next scene that follows is at a bar, where Allen, Iain and his then girlfriend are sharing a few drinks. The camera cuts to Iain and Allen looking at each other before the camera focusses on Allen hiding a knife behind his back (an over exaggeration of Iain's mind). The flash back is interrupted by Allen, who calls out Iain's name in the background.)
  • (Cut to reality)
  • Allen: Iain, hi! I didn't expect to see you here. You never struck me as the "adrenaline junkie" type. I've always thought that you were a workaholic.
  • Iain: (Looking at Allen with disdain and in shock) What?
  • Allen: Oh, listen, that reminds me: You left some stuff at the apartment, or at least, I think it's your stuff. The bag was full of...medical journals, comic books, and uh...copies of that one soliloquy that you'd always recite daily. I was thinking maybe I'd drop it round in the car, save you the trip.
  • (Iain looks at him with disdain and "sound" and fury.)
  • Iain: You stole my girlfriend.
  • Allen: (sighs) Mate, now come on. I didn't want it to be like this, wasn't meant to be personal. You don't choose who you fall in love with. When you get that feeling, it's like...
  • Joseph: (Comes out of nowhere) Don't even reference that song.
  • (Allen rolls his eyes as Joseph goes back to performing some maintenance work on his marker.)
  • Allen: It's like a force beyond your control. You know what the say about love and war.
  • Iain: (Sarcastically but unintentionally meaningful) Yeah, one involves lots of physical and psychological pain and the other one's war.
  • (Joseph looks at Iain with offense as Allen scoffs.)
  • Allen: Talking of which, what team are you on today? Red or Blue?
  • Joseph: We're red. (Slaps Iain on the shoulder)
  • Allen: Ah? Is that so? Me too. Looks like we'll be fighting side by side. Who knows? Maybe that's what we need.
  • (Allen walks away, but not before surprising him with a fake gunfire shot aimed at Iain and Joseph. He blows the barrel tauntingly at the two before heading off.)
  • Allen: Later. (Leaves)
  • (Iain looks at Allen with anger, clenching his hand into a fist.)