(It starts off in Grizzly room it's morning he wakes up)

Grizzly: Good Morning! I must be the first one up wait 10:00 on a Saturday?

Grizzly: Hmmm

(He goes into the halls to see its a mess)

(He sees Ice Bear)

Grizzly: Hey bro what's going on?

(Ice Bear Looks sick and chases after Grizzly)

(Grizzly sees Panda)

Grizzly: Panda I think something wrong with.....

(Panda comes out looking sick he runs into Ice bear and they chase after Grizzly he rushed to his room to hide he sees Chloe,Nom Nom,Ranger Tapes)

Chloe: He looks ok but we better check him

(Tapes checks his temperature)

Ranger Tapes: He good let him go

Grizzly: What's going on?

Chloe: This Morning the cave been infected with the flu

Ranger Tapes: It all started in Panda's room

(It shows a flashback of Panda sick)

Panda: Ughhhhhh

Ice Bear: Good morning panda

(Panda drinks milk from the gallon Ice bear did not see this he goes to pour himself milk but is sick too)

Ice Bear: Ughhhhh

(They both run and infected stuff)

(End of flashback)

Chloe: The only survivors are You,Tapes,Nom Nom

(Nom Nom sneezes)

Nom-Nom: Guys its not what you think

(Ranger Tapes and Grizzly throw him out the room he becomes sick)

Ranger Tapes: How will we sneak out?

Grizzly: Their a Window in Panda's room

Ranger Tapes: Then we're going there

Chloe: Let's Hurry

Grizzly: May I ask why would you at our cave?

Chloe: Sleepover

Grizzly: Oh right

(They in Panda's room about to go out the window but Sick Nom-Nom walks in)

Nom-Nom: Ughhhhh

(He sneezes on the window they back up)

Grizzly: Now the window is infected!

(Nom-Nom sneezes on Ranger Tapes)

Ranger Tapes: Ughhhhhh

(They chase after Chloe and Grizzly)


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