• Wilderness Man: Hello fellow WBB fans. I know some of you is not interested into this show. But I have great news to make. There are new episodes coming in September.
  • Panda: Just because nobody watches us anymore doesn't mean you could create episo--
  • Grizz: Ha! That's right we are introducing a new character named Bearfur. He's the coolest, He helps people and even teaches you the best advice. This might get our show back in the ratings
  • Intern #1: Pssst. [Whispering to Grizz]
  • Ice Bear: Hey. Also ice bear will be in the new episodes.
  • Grizz: Alright, The new episodes is coming in September 1st. Can't wait? Check it out here in the WBB Fanon.
  • Wilderness Man: Uh. We conclude the video. Goodbye everyone and see you in the next video.
  • [Wilderness Man outro sequence begins.]

The New Episode Lists Edit

Charlie And The Humans

Panda's Social Life

Travel To Time

The New Bear

And More!